Workshop services

Why have your bike service?

Like any vehicle, your bike needs to be serviced regularly to keep it in optimum condition and to help avoid any unwanted repairs or unexpected downtime. So give you bike excellent care and attention it deserves with one of the services below.

The experienced, Cytech qualified workshop will follow the exact service procedures set by your components manufacturers and will only use genuine manufacturer replacement parts for guaranteed compatibility and the very best performance.

Why choose Motion Cycle Repairs?

  • A minimum of 12 months’ manufacturer guarantee on all parts purchased and fitted as part of a service^1

  • Convenient bicycle collection and return within Falkirk, Stirlingshire and North Lanarkshire^2

  • Cytech qualified workshop - the industry standard certification

1. Manufacturer guarantee on parts does not cover wear and tear, damage from improper use or crashes or premature wear as a result of poor maintenance.

2. Bicycle collection and return is available at a cost of £5.00 plus £1.00/mile.

Safety check


The safety check is simply that, a safety check of your entire bike. It's a good place to start for; a bike which has been in storage, a used bike you've just bought or a kids bike ahead of their cycling proficiency test at school.

Think of it like an MOT on your car, it'll check the key areas of your bike for correct and proper function but won't put right any functions of your bike which are not working properly. For that you'll need either a Stage 1 or Stage 2 service, or you can tackle the problem area as an individual job.

Your mechanic can advise you on the most cost effective course of action to take if the safety check uncovers any problems with your bike.

Stage 1 service


A Stage 1 service is recommended every 6 - 12 months depending on how often your bike sees action. It goes further than the Safety Check by making any required adjustments to your brakes and gears as well as wheel truing, adjusting your hubs, bottom bracket and headset (if applicable) and ensuring all fasteners on your bike are secure and correctly torqued.

If your bike requires a brake bleed or any bearings replaced, these can either be added as additional jobs, or the service increased to a Stage 2.

Your mechanic can advise you on the best service to meet the unique needs of your bike.

Stage 2 service

From £139

The Stage 2 service builds on the Stage 1 service and is recommend every 18 to 24 months or if you've owned your bike for a few years and it's never seen a mechanic.

This service takes your pride and joy back to a bare frame and fork. Each component is removed, cleaned and inspected before being reassembled or, if worn - replaced.

If any component is worn or damaged, then there is no additional labour to replace the component if it is purchased from us during your service.

If your bike has hydraulic disc brakes, the cost of the service is £159.

Suspension components can be serviced at the relevant UK brand service centre in addition to the Stage 2 service cost.

How it works

Once you hand over your bike, it will be assessed to determine which service is best and whether any parts might also be required. You'll get a phone call from the mechanic to confirm the estimated repair cost with you before any service work is undertaken and when to expect the work to be completed by. No work will proceed until you have given your approval first, so it's important you provide accurate contact details at collection or drop-off to avoid delays in communication. Any components replaced during the service will be disposed of unless you have requested otherwise. Bikes presented for service which excessively dirty will incur an additional cleaning charge of £10 per bike.


Once your mechanic has been in touch to let you know your bike is complete, it must be collected within a week unless you've chosen to have it redelivered. Payment is taken in full upon completion of the work, less any deposits which you paid in advance for special order items. Motion Cycle Repairs reserves the right to dispose of bikes which are not collected within a reasonable time.

You can find out more, including what happens if you decide not to proceed with a repair, by visiting the terms and conditions page found here.

Other services

Take a look through the list below for the additional workshop tasks on offer, and don't worry if you can't see what you're after in the list below, our workshop operates on a £40 per hour structure with a minimum charge of £10. This should cover any of those more obscure jobs you might have. 

Hub service

From £10 per hub

Loose or rumbling hubs? A hub service will have them spinning like new in no time. Price is per wheel and excludes the cost of replacement bearings.

Wheel true

From £15 per wheel

Just as it says. Get your wheels spinning straight and true. A bent rim is not repairable, in this instance you will be provided with a quote for a replacement wheel.

Tubeless set up

£21 per wheel

Shed some weight, increase grip and ward off punctures! Going tubeless is a great upgrade with tangible benefits. The workshop has a range of tapes to accommodate 18mm road rims to >35mm MTB rims and valves to suit any rim depth.

Hydraulic brake bleed

£14 per brake

When did you last bleed your brakes? The performance of your brakes are critical for your safety. Only genuine manufacturer approved fluids are used.

Bottom bracket fitting

From £18

Nothing ruins a ride more than a creaky BB. Don't waste time deciding between BB30 or PF30. Leave picking the correct BB for your bike to the experts and rest assured it will be fitted accurately with our extensive range of BB tools and presses.

Headset fitting

From £18

Headsets. What do all those numbers and letters mean? If you thought finding the right bottom bracket was hard wait 'til you try finding the right headset! 

Boxed bike build


Treated yourself to a new bike or need the kids bikes built for a birthday or Christmas. Book a bike build and you can assured in knowing it'll be built with care and attention (and in time for the big day!).

Custom bike build


Swapping frames or building your dream bike. Leave the headaches and tool costs to me. Whether you have the parts or need help picking compatible components, I'll guide you through the steps and make your dream bike a reality.

eBike firmware/Di2 update


Get the latest features and bug fixes for your Shimano Di2, STEPS etube or Bosch ebike components. A firmware update could also remedy issues with Di2 components.